Vermiculate Removal, why you need to do it right


For some houses and offices in and around Vancouver, vermiculate is a severe concern, especially if you are looking to renovate your old space. You see, vermiculate as you may know was a frequent and cheap building material on the west coast for much of the 1900s and no matter if you were looking for a great way to insulate the home or wanted to use some of the best-insulated material on the market, vermiculate was a great option. However, we have now discovered that vermiculate is not only dangerous but downright horrid for your health and is part of the reason that you need to remove vermiculate right.

  1. It can be damaging to your health if left exposed

Vermiculate does most of its damage to the human body when air born, and thus if you find vermiculite in your home, you will need to quarantine and remove it properly. Failure to do can result in long-term health concerns, including cancer, raspatory issues and in the worst case, death.

  1. It can be anywhere, and you need professionals to help

Vermiculate was used everywhere back in the 1900s, and you can find it throughout older homes. This means that you can discover it when you are dealing with flooring removal, in the pipes, and of course, on the ceiling. As noted above, if you find out vermiculate you will need to call in a team to quarantine and remove the material. This is why mid-century remodels can often become quite a bit more costly than first expected; vermiculate removal is not cheap!

  1. Professions know how to dispose of it

Vermiculite, unlike common construction waste, cannot just be thrown out at the dump, or grabbed by your local junk guys; it has stringent recycling laws that govern who and how it is disposed of in the lower mainland. It is best to call a team like Urban Environmental who has the connections in the industry that can not only quarantine and remove the vermiculate but also remove the waste from your home safely. This is not a job for the local contractor, but rather it is a job for a team of experts that know what they are doing.

Here at Urban Environmental, we have seen our company grow over the last few years, and especially in our vermiculate and asbestos abatement team. With a number of older homes starting to be renovated and outright destroyed to make way for new builds, our calls for abatement services continue to grow. No matter if you need assistance in a renovation, or simply have some questions about vermiculate abatement, call the team at Urban Environmental today, and talk to the experts in Vancouver.

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