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How to prevent mold

Close-up Of A Shocked Woman Looking At Mold corner

Working to avoid mold is half of the battle, and here in the lower mainland, you need to know how to prevent mold from growing or even spreading before you own your first home. However, if you are new to the area, or want to know a little bit more about how to prevent mold from infesting your home you are in luck. Here are four tips on how to prevent mold from taking over your home.

  1. Identify Issue areas and fix them

Issue areas that grow mold are often found around the house in all corners of the home. One of the most common areas is leaky windows that have a significant and almost constant stagnant wet or moist areas. Older windows will struggle to keep up, and one of the easiest ways to prevent mold is to identify those areas and replace the issue windows in your home.

  1. Install proper ventilation

Areas such as attics and areas with vent appliances need adequate ventilation in and out of the home. Without proper ventilation, these areas would start to become moist and could start to grow mold, especially if there is traditional drywall surrounding these areas. One of the easiest ways to avoid these issues is to install a mold-resistant gypsum board instead of drywall to limit the possibility of mold spreading.

  1. Direct water away from the home

Although most homes do this already, there are some homes in the lower mainland that continue to fail to direct the water away from the home’s foundation. As we get a lot of rain here on the west coast, directing water away from your home’s foundation is crucial to avoid mold and other issues such as damages to the foundation. A simple change to the eavestroughs or other changes could help take water away from the home, and let your home enjoy a water-free existence.

  1. Keep indoor plants mold free

It might seem a little silly, but your indoor plant’s soil is a prime spot for mold growth. It is wet, moist and often forgotten, and for many in the lower mainland, it is where your mold growth can start. To prevent any future issues, you can add a bit of Taheebo tea to the water. The Taheebo tree is known for its mold-resistant nature and can be found in many natural food stores around town.

If you happen to be dealing with mold in your home, now is the time to call the team at Urban Environmental to complete the abatement process. We are the real experts in the city when it comes to mold abatement, and we cannot wait to help you and your home get rid of that nasty stuff.