5 Environmental Hazards from Building Renovations and Demolitions

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With all the renovation shows on television these days and an endless stream of DIY guides online, it’s more tempting than ever to tackle home improvements yourself. Unfortunately, there are many things that are best left to the professionals when it comes to construction waste. Demolition services and environmental waste management are often seen as “nice-to-haves” from ambitious homeowners, but they are almost always a better option than tackling the problem on your own.


If you are renovating an old home, mould is almost guaranteed to present problems for you during removal. Spores from household mould can be extremely toxic and damaging to human health. Even with the proper equipment, many DIY-type will commit tragic errors in removal and disposal. Remediating mould is a professional skill that requires extensive training. If you have mould-ridden building materials, it’s a good idea to hire a trained and experienced specialist to tackle the job.


If you don’t know already, asbestos is one of the top concerns when renovating or demolishing an older home. Asbestos was extremely common as a fireproof insulator and building material that you will find in thousands of common products used in the past. Manufacturers would put it in all sort of different things – tiles, insulation, drywall, and many more. Before you start swinging your sledgehammer, you should strongly consider the services of an asbestos abatement specialist. They will quickly audit your home and let you know where any asbestos may be. Exposure to asbestos is a known cause of cancer, so it’s very important that you rely on professional help for removal and disposal.


Vermiculite is a common household building material used for decades before it fell out of favour in the 1990s. Vermiculite product manufacturers sourced most of the world’s vermiculite from a single mine, contaminated by high levels of asbestos. If you have vermiculite in your home, you should treat it just like any other asbestos materials. Leave it to the professionals, and let the experts worry about safe removal and environmentally-friendly disposal.

Dust and Airborne Particles

Any renovation or demolition project will feature a lot of airborne dust and particulate matter. While it’s tempting to tackle the problem yourself, you should rely on a professional team to minimize the cleanup required and reduce the risk of human health problems. Many people are extremely sensitive to dust and other allergens, and the professional services of a demolition expert will help you keep your family safe.

Glass, Nails, and Other Sharps

When you watch a renovation show on television, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that you don’t see. One of the most common hazards from demolition is sharp edges and protruding metal such as nails or bolts. It’s all too easy to cut yourself or injury your garbage collector with improper disposal of sharp materials. A professional-grade demolition company will safely and quickly remove any hazardous material, and you can rest assured that your construction waste won’t harm anyone.

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