Death and decay: What happens during a biohazard clean up

Biohazard stamp on wooden background

No one hopes to ever have to deal with the aftermath of a suicide or murder, especially in your own home or a property under your care, but sometimes the unfathomable happens and someone needs to clean up the aftermath. Crime and trauma scene cleanup jobs are one of the toughest to do in our industry, but Urban Environmental has years of experience dealing with the unpleasant and often painstaking task of removing all traces of blood, bodily fluids, human tissue and other harmful materials from the scene of the incident.

Deep cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces that have been contaminated is an obvious necessity, but often the damages sustained by a property go beyond what the naked eye can see, and that is why it’s best to leave it to professionals. We here at Urban Environmental have been completing these for years, and are looking forward to working with you.

When we initially visit a scene to assess the scene and provide a quote you can be assured a professional interaction with our specialists. In the instance of an injury or death, our team will process and remove all furniture and detritus that has been contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids. In many cases, especially when dealing with a bloody mattress or sofa, we must cut out and separate the affected areas and remove them in biohazard transport containers. Often items of furniture cannot be taken to a medical waste facility whole, but after the biohazardous material is removed we can dispose of the furniture through usual garbage removal means. Urban Environmental always follows provincial and federal regulations when it comes to removing biohazard materials and residential waste.

In some cases, carpeting and flooring must be taken up to uncover and remove stains and fluids beyond what we can see on the surface with the naked eye. We always take great care to remove everything that is contaminated but also tries to cause as minimal upset and upheaval as possible. We will also remove fixtures, walls, and ceilings if necessary. We always do a thorough sweep of the property to guarantee no areas are overlooked in the removal of biohazard materials.

After we have removed all the contaminated items, a deep clean of the affected area begins. We provide a thorough and detailed clean of any remaining surfaces that can be salvaged, usually with a multiple step cleaning process. After we have finished the deep clean we go to the location with speciality lights to double check that we haven’t missed anything and to spot clean as needed.

In many cases, we are in and out in a few days, and homeowners insurance will almost always cover the cost of our services and possibly the replacement of damaged property. Crime scene and biohazard clean up is something we all hope we never have to deal with, but you can be assured that if the unthinkable happens, you will be capable hands with the certified professionals at Urban Environmental, leaders in biohazard and crime scene cleanups in the Lower Mainland.

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