The five signs that you might need to replace your home insulation


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As one of the top-rated insulation company in Vancouver, the team at Urban Environmental knows when you need to replace your insulation. However, this does not mean you are aware of the signs! No matter if you are a newer homeowner or an established resident, the signs that you need to replace your home insulation might drift over your head. They are minute but critical, and as insulation will cost you money over the long run, the faster you move to replace it, the better. Thus, in this blog, we are going to showcase the five signs that you might need to replace your home insulation!

  1. Water Damage

Water and insulation do not match, and if your home insulation has any moisture in it, it can render it utterly ineffective. This means no matter if your insulation is damp or soaked, it needs to be replaced. Plus, with the risk of mould growth in wet insulation, it is best to call Urban Environmental sooner rather than later.

  1. Drafts

Have you been noticing drafts in your home? If you feel cold drafts moving around your house that is not from your windows or doors, it is time to do some investigating. Chances are you will track these drafts to the attic or crawlspace, which means you will need to look at replacing your home insulation to avoid heat loss.

  1. Differing indoor temperatures

Fluctuating temperatures in your home can be a sign that you need to replace your home insulation. This is exceptionally noticeable from room to room or even floor to floor, and if you do notice it, it is time to call Urban Environmental.

  1. High heating and cooling costs

Yes, we live in a time where heating and cooling is expensive, but if you start to notice your costs creeping up without changing the price, it can be a sign that you need new insulation. This means if your heating system is working harder in the winter, or your air conditioner is working hard in the summer, it might not just be the temperature. Simply put, high-quality insulation from Urban Environmental can make the difference between saving and owing money at the end of the year.

  1. Pests

Pests are never a good thing to deal with, but when you consider insulation can make the perfect home for rodents, you will need new insulation. Pests such as squirrels, rats and even mice have been known to nest in the attic or crawlspace insulation, and this is not a good thing. If you do discover pests, call the exterminator then call the team at Urban Environmental.

From insulation removal to insulation instalment, the team at Urban Environmental is one of the premier options in and around Vancouver for all things insulation!

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