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10 Signs you may living in an ex grow-op

As one of the premier grow-op cleanup companies in the lower mainland, the team at Urban Environmental has seen it all. Thus, we thought it was time that we sat down and gave our clients a list of signs you may be dealing with a grow-op. Naturally, if you do suspect your home of being a grow-op house, it is best to contact the experts at Urban Environmental quickly! We have been working in the remediation space for over a decade, and know how to handle and remove toxins from grow-op homes. Here are ten signs that you may be living in an ex grow-op home!.

  • You may notice modified ductwork that does not make sense.
  • If you discover holes in roof trusses or floor joists that could be used for venting, typically these holes will be recently patched.
  • If you notice replaced brickwork or chunks of new brickwork that is not normal to be replaced.
  • Your soffits, which are the exposed undersurface part of the roof eave may have brown stains or may have been recently replaced.
  • In the winter, you may see bald spots from the roof from heat loss.
  • There may be stains on the basement floors or blemishes in the laundry tubs. These stains are from the pots sitting for a long time without moving and are hard to remove.
  • You may notice new or changes to the wiring and electrical panels. Please note that there may be live wires in or around the panel, so be careful if you suspect an issue!
  • Foundations or concrete walls may have been cored or breached. This is to get the wiring around the hydrometer and is common in the lower mainland.
  • Moisture gets everywhere in a grow-op, and you may notice warped or rotted wooden structures due to the moisture damage.
  • Finally, you will notice a musty smell, or in the case of something a little stronger like a meth lab, it will smell like cat urine.

Grow-op remediation is not something to play around with, and if you suspect your home is a former grow-op you need to call the team at Urban Environmental. As one of the top-rated grow-op remediation companies in Vancouver, we are outfitted and fully prepared to help professionally remediate your space. Give us a call, and see how Urban Environmental can help get back your home in order.