Crime Scene Clean-Ups, what is important

3d lady crime scene cleaner getting ready to clean a crime scene in a valid and legal way. Crime scene cleaning expertise business concept, with sanitation suit, sprayer, and crime scene tape.

Here at Urban Environmental, we know the impact that a crime scene can have in a home, and it is part of the reason that our expert staff members specialise in quick clean-ups. In this blog, we are going to look at why a fast clean-up is essential, and some of the environmental factors that homeowners may not even be aware of could affect them.

Why it is important

After a violent crime or death, the scene itself is a danger to both the occupants of the home and the first responders. Blood stains and other bodily fluids could transmit diseases through transfer, and other odours could start wreck havoc to your respiratory system. These fluids and smells have to be taken care of quickly, and a fast-acting crime scene clean-up company can help eradicate issues before they arise.

As well, if you try and clean this space yourself, you may have some issues as typical home cleaners do not have the power to remove the blood and other bodily fluids from carpet for instance. However, when you trust Urban Environmental, you are getting one of the best crime scene clean-up companies in the Vancouver area, and we know what we are doing.

Safety First

Many homeowners do not realise the dangers that a crime scene can hold, but the key to a proper clean-up is speed and efficiency.


Blood and other fluids are great incubators of diseases and other pathogens, and although it might look like it is dried and no longer a threat, as soon as you add water from your cleaning solution it re-energises. Proper cleaning methods are needed, as are industrial strength cleaners to truly neutralise the threat and create a safe space inside the home.

Bodily Fluids

Bodily fluids are never something that you want to deal with on your own, and for the team, at Urban Environmental, they are one of the most dangerous parts of the job. These fluids can contain hepatitis, pathogens or other diseases that could cause significant issues for homeowners. This is why we always suggest that professionals handle blood or bodily fluid clean-ups in homes!

If you or someone you know is dealing with a violent crime scene clean-up, you need to call the team at Urban Environmental. We have been handling these types of scenes for years, and have the training, tools and cleaners that can manage an assortment of crime scenes. Do you and your family a favour and opt for a professional when it comes to crime scene clean-ups, you will be thankful that you did in the long run.

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