When it comes to demolition, what materials are the best to deal with?

Metallic Wrecking Ball Shattering Wall. 3D Illustration.

Here at Urban Environmental we typically deal with our services, but in this blog, we decided to talk business. We have been operating in the building demolition space for more than a few years, and when it comes to our demolition services, we always look for the best way forward. Whether it is dealing with green vs other waste, or recycling building materials, here are some of the most effective materials that can be recycled upon demolition.


One of the most popular construction materials in the world is concrete, and a single commercial demolition can yield tons of concrete. Generally, concrete is grounded down into gravel which is then used for building material for new buildings. There are some companies that offer on-site concrete crushing that we work within and around Vancouver to speed up the process of concrete to gravel. read more