When it comes to demolition, what materials are the best to deal with?

Metallic Wrecking Ball Shattering Wall. 3D Illustration.

Here at Urban Environmental we typically deal with our services, but in this blog, we decided to talk business. We have been operating in the building demolition space for more than a few years, and when it comes to our demolition services, we always look for the best way forward. Whether it is dealing with green vs other waste, or recycling building materials, here are some of the most effective materials that can be recycled upon demolition.


One of the most popular construction materials in the world is concrete, and a single commercial demolition can yield tons of concrete. Generally, concrete is grounded down into gravel which is then used for building material for new buildings. There are some companies that offer on-site concrete crushing that we work within and around Vancouver to speed up the process of concrete to gravel.


Steel is one of the most valuable resources on a job site, and during demolition, it is often worth it for our technicians to separate it from the other materials. This is especially true when we are demolishing older buildings as the quality of steel can be higher than the more common production steel that we see in everyday work. Steel or scrap metals can be recycled to create new products from fridges to cars.

Interior doors and beams

Old and reclaimed wood has seen a massive upswing in popularity over the last few years, and as a demolition company, we have seen our fair share in interior doors or beams. There are a few companies that we work within Vancouver that will touch base with us during demolition, and even if the wood is in bad condition, it can be recycled to be included in another project.

Sinks and Toilets

One of those crazy things that we have learned while completed demolition is that sinks and toilets can be one of the most prized items. If we are working with a salvage company, they will inspect and take out any sinks, toilets or tubs that are worth restoring to their original condition to resale down the line. If they are not, porcelain can be recycled with the concrete to create gravel. While steel fixtures are utilised with the other scrap metals.

So what does this mean, well for us here at Urban Environmental it implies that our demolition services are a little more complicated than knocking down a building? We want to save as much of a structure as possible, and no matter if we are looking at steel, interior doors and beams, sinks and toilets or even concrete, our team will do our best to share, or recycle them if necessary. Urban Environmental is a proud Vancouver company, and we always do our best to save our history, even if it is a sink.

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