Asbestos, where could it be?

Analysis of the compounds of a dangerous asbestos roof - concept image

Here at Urban Environmental, we know and are professionally trained to deal with asbestos contamination issues. Naturally, the city of Vancouver is one of the highest concentrations of asbestos building materials in homes in the province, and our group has been containing and removing asbestos for years. So naturally, we have been asked a few times and decided to blog about, where is asbestos found, and what do you do if you see it.


Asbestos was used for years as a quality roofing material, and we have seen it in a number of areas. First, you may have asbestos in your roof shingles or original roof. The material is quite fire retardant which made for an attractive choice for roofs in the mid part of the 20th century. As well, you may see asbestos in vermiculite insulation, ceiling tiles, coatings and popcorn ceilings in and around Vancouver. read more