High-Risk Warning Signs of Hoarding

Background concept wordcloud illustration of hoarding

Here at Urban Environmental, we have been called to our fair share of cleanups on hoarding sites. Often this is because of the biohazards that come with an individual who has been hoarding for some years. We have had to deal with human waste, and animal decomposition along with other things, so take it from us, hoarding is a severe disease that needs to be monitored. Thus, we have brought together some high-risk signs of hoarding to look for in your friends and family.

Clutter Collection

More than just a few odds and ends, clutter collecting will begin to dominate the way in which an individual moves within their home. Whether you are dealing with excess furniture or an inability to remove trash from the house, clutter collection is a dangerous warning sign of hoarding. Clutter is a gateway to hoarding, and if not taken care of, can lead to clutter covering every single centre metre of space in a home. read more