What you need to know about grow-ops as a new homeowner/landlord

closeup of condensate fungus mold on window frame. high humidity indoor at home

Locations used for the growth and production of cannabis, legal or otherwise, are sometimes referred to as “grow-ops”. People are often surprised to learn that many residential buildings have been used at some point or another in their history as a grow-op, with some estimates being as high as 1 in 4 in some regions of BC. These locations can remain contaminated for ten years, or sometimes more. Mold is a significant concern in these buildings. The dangerous toxins caused by mold do not merely disappear; naturally, they must be removed for an area to made safe again. While a larger and long-term set-up may cause more overall damage, size and scale may be less important than you might think. A small set-up that was only in operation for a few days can still be dangerous for a variety of reasons. Both individual homeowners and landlords are at risk, in terms of health problems as well as financial cost. read more