What are the most common places for mould?

Wetting and mold growth of ceiling decorative panels. Black fungal mold.

As we live in a rain forest, mould is a significant concern for homeowners and renters in and around Vancouver! So, as one of the leading mould remediation companies in the city, we thought it might be time that we put pen to paper to help out some of our clients. So, here are the most common places for mould to grow in and around the Greater Vancouver Regional District.


As the winter turns to spring, we see a lot of rain here in the GVRD. Although most of our roofs are waterproof, you can see significant water damage to older roofs across the coast. Where there is water infiltration, there is probably mould. Mould loves a dark, wet and warm place, and your attic or roof lining is the perfect spot for mould to grow and flourish! read more