How to prevent mould in the summer

Summer is a great time of year, and this includes mould growth. From the hot temperatures to the sometimes humid environment, mould loves the summer. In this article, we are going to look at some things you can do to help combat mould growth without the team at Urban Environmental having to come in and eradicating a growing colony!

Keep the home and common areas clean and dirt free

Mould grows on dirty, and moist surfaces, and combating the surfaces that you can see is usually an excellent course of action to prevent mould growth. Regular cleanings of cooking spaces, appliances and other high use areas will help prevent the growth. Things such as cooking oils, dirt and even soap scum can help facilitate mould growth, so tackle those asap!

Humidity control!

Humidity is a mould’s best friend, and in the summer, it can be sticky hot. Using an air conditioning system, or dehumidifier is a great way to keep the humidity down in your home and prevent mould growth. Pay attention to your crawl space or basement as airflow might be limited if it is an older home. You can even stick a dehumidifier in these spaces to ensure that your home is protected to the best of your ability.

Control the temp!

Mould has an ideal temperature to grow, and preventing your home from reaching that mark is a great way to prevent its growth. The perfect temperature for mould to grow is between 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, or 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. So, keeping your home in the low 20’s or low 70’s will allow your home to be cool, and not encourage mould to grow. If you are away for a long-time during the summer, you may want to set your thermostat for just below the threshold to ensure that you are not wasting energy, but also not returning to a mouldy home!

Air circulation is the key

As mould likes to be left alone, having air circulation in problem areas can be an essential guard against its growth. Areas such as your crawlspace, or basement that has poor air circulation might need some help during the summer months. Consider placing a fan in these spaces, and ensure that all vents in the roof, and throughout the home are open.

If you are struggling with mould growth, then try these handy tips to help this summer. However, if things start to get too bad, then bring in the experts at Urban Environmental! We have been the go-to mould remediation company here in the Lower Mainland, and we are ready, and able to help with any of your mould colony needs.

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