How to clean your house for COVID-19

As a professional remediation company, we know a few things about deep and meaningful cleaning. We have been inundated with questions about how we to clean surfaces and homes. So, we thought it was time to put pen to paper and help our clients in and around Vancouver!

Hard Surfaces
As COVID-19 can live for a number of days on hard surfaces, you will want to start here. For hard surfaces, you will first want to use traditional soap and water to clean the surface area. Once that is done, you can move to disinfect. You should look to use an EPA approved disinfectant, but if that is not available, you can use a diluted bleach solution with five tablespoons of bleach per four litres of water. Spray, and wipe down this solution and let dry.

Soft Surfaces

As these surfaces can be a little tougher to clean, it is essential that you follow both the manufacturers and EPA guidelines for cleaning. If the material can be thrown into the laundry, do it. Otherwise, use an EPA approved cleaner, and follow the instruction from the manufacturer. Spray the cleaner, and let it dry completely before use.


Make sure to pay attention and wipe down your vehicle’s interior. You can utilise wipes such as Armour All or other manufacturers to get a deep clean that will disinfect while you go. As well, you may want to use a softer disinfectant on your steering wheel and gear shift as you come and go from your vehicle.


As with soft surfaces, make sure to follow the manufactures instructions to avoid any damage to the electronics. Consider using alcoholic wipes on gaming systems, remotes, game controllers or headsets. As well, for mobile phones, you can disinfect and let the phone dry. Before using, make sure that the alcohol or disinfectant as entirely dried!

Linens and Clothes

The easiest thing for these materials is to put it in the wash. Make sure to add in commercial soap, or another cleaning agent to ensure that the contents are washed thoroughly. You do not need to add disinfectant or other agents.

COVID-19 is not a bad case of the flu, and people around the Greater Vancouver area should pay attention and take appropriate steps. Remember, do not hoard, listen to our medical professionals and stay home and most important of all WASH YOUR HANDS!

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