How to choose the right insulation

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When you are looking to re-install or complete a renovation in your home, you are often left with a decision on what kind of insulation you will choose for space. It might seem like an easy decision, but it turns out that you need to know a little about where you are putting the insulation and keep in mind of where you live.

How insulation is measured

Insulation is measured in R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation is at performing in lower temperatures. Thus, if you live in a colder temperature, it is essential to invest in higher R-value insulation if you lived in a warmer climate such as Arizona. However, you do have to consider if you have to compress your insulation, your R-value will drop.

What is best in the lower mainland?

Here in the lower mainland we are blessed not to have horrible winters, at least in terms of cold. This is why the insulation that is best in the lower mainland would not do great in Northern BC. With that in mind, here are the best options for insulation in Vancouver, and the rest of the lower mainland.

Ceiling Above Attics

It is best to utilise R-60 insulation in this critical space. The attic and the roof above are where the majority of your heat is lost in your home and can cause significant costs in terms of heating and cooling. We would suggest either a Batt insulation or if you can, blown insulation in this space.

Cathedral Ceilings

In these high ceilings, you should be looking to insulate as much as you can. This space should use either R-31 Batt insulation, or alternatively you can also use R-10 CodeBord if that fits better.

Floors over unheated spaces

Spaces such as your garage, or additions may have to deal with unheated spaces under their floorboards, which can lead to significant heat loss. This is why in these spaces you should look to use Batt insulation of at least R-31 or you can use R-10 CodeBord as well.

Walls above grade

When it comes to your walls that are above the foundation, you should be looking to utilise insolation that will help keep the heat inside. These spaces are not as integral as ceilings or floors above unheated areas, but they are still relevant. You should look to use R-5 CodeBord, or if you prefer, you can also use R-24 Batt insulation.

Foundation Walls

Naturally, as these spaces are a little cooler, and because you have a natural heat barrier in the foundation, you can utilise lighter insulation. Look to use R-14 Batt insulation, or if you are looking for CodeBord, R-10 will do.

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