How to prep your home for a Vancouver winter

man on ladder cleaning house gutter from leaves and dirt

As one of the leading environmental cleanup companies on the west coast, we often get asked, what is the best way to prepare for winter. Naturally, we thought it was time that we put pen to paper and finally answered that question on our blog! So, here is how to prep for a Vancouver winter to prevent any future issues.

Check your home’s rain readiness

We get much rain in the winter here in the Lower Mainland, and your home needs to be prepared for a west coast winter! Make sure to spend some time checking on your gutters, are they flowing well, and free of debris? If they are not, clean your gutters, and downspouts before the rain starts. Next, you should check the paint on the outside of the home; paint is designed to colour your home but also is designed to keep moisture away from rotting the house. If it is flaking or peeling, it might be time for a touch-up.

Reverse your ceiling fan

This might seem funny, but then you have to remember your high school physics class. Remember, heat rises, so in the winter you will want to push warm air down and limit your overall cost of heating the home. While you are at it, it might be time to change your furnace filter to help your unit during the winter.

Clean your roof!

The winter is a time of moisture, wind and terrible weather, and if you are like most west coast homes and living under cedar shakes, then you need to treat it right! Cleaning your roof allows you to remove debris and moss from the roof which can affect how water comes off the roof. This yearly cleaning will not only extend the life of your roof, but it will also ensure all of that water is going to the right place.

Prep, your deck

We all love enjoying a beautiful day on the deck, but before winter hits, you need to prep your deck for the season. This means removing any pillows or cushions into a dry area, emptying clay pots from their soil and of course, completing any treatments you might want to do to the deck itself.

Final Thoughts

As one of the premier environmental companies on the west coast, we know what it takes to prepare for winter in the lower mainland. From checking your homes rain readiness to doing things such as prepping your deck or cleaning your roof, preparing for winter can be a bit of a process. Make sure to spend the time to prepare, and you and your home will make it through yet another west coast winter to enjoy a gorgeous Vancouver summer! If you need any help with issues that may arise, make sure to call the team at Urban Environmental today!

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