Tips and Tricks to Prevent Mold in your home

Mold, it is one of the biggest issues that many homes face on the West Coast, and yet you can avoid this expensive and dangerous issue. We here at Urban Environmental have brought together some of the top tips on how to avoid getting mold, and how to deal with water within the home.

  • Remove those items that may cause mold

This seems simple, but yet many who have mold tend to forget to remove problem items from their home. Take a look in your basement, and make sure to limit the amount of stored materials within it. If you have badly damaged items or ones that reek of must, throw them out. Avoid storing firewood within the home; try the side of the house, or a simple shed to place it in. If you have carpet that is damp, remove it and that goes for bathrooms and basements especially. Finally, do not store things in cardboard boxes on your basement floors; it just simply avoids future issues that may arise.

  • Maintain a dry and clean home

This is a very simple point. If you have a clean and dry surface that gets wet, make sure to take care of it. Whether you need to add drip pans for air conditioners, refrigerators and dehumidifier, or make sure to take care of the walls around your shower or toilet. Keep your home dry and clean and you will enjoy a mold free house.

  • Limit indoor moisture sources

Moisture loves to get inside the home, and you need to work hard to keep it out of the home. Try to avoid airing your laundry indoors, and make sure to remove dryer lint after each use. Watch for signs of mold on plants, and make sure to take out garbage regularly. Some simple changes and you will enjoy a mold free home for the future.

  • Prevent water from entering the home

Make sure to install downspout extensions throughout the home to take rainwater and melted snow away from your foundation. Ensure that your eaves troughs and roof gutters are connected, and do not leak. A clean gutter that takes water away can make a world of difference for your home, and ensures your home is mold free.

However, if water does come into your home, you will need to take some very important steps in a short amount of time.

  • Disconnect the power

On top of this, you will also need to unplug and remove your portable electronics, and clear the area of furniture and movable items.

  • Remove the water

There are a number of ways to do this, but the most popular are: manual work with towels, buckets and mops, or with machines, whether it be a shop vac or a sump pump.

  • Start to dry the affected area

Fans and dehumidifiers are going to be your best friend in this step, and you will need to work hard to ensure the entire area is truly dry.

  • Disinfect the area

This includes walls, baseboards, floors and every other surface that might have microbes on it. Make sure to work hard and use an industrial or tough disinfectant to ensure it works.

  • Prevent Mold Growth

Follow the aforementioned steps above to ensure you do not have a future mold problem!

If you do happen to have a mold problem, and you need it taken care by professionals, call the team at Urban Environmental for their amazing mold removing service. We have been dealing with mold for years, and know how to best remove and destroy the mold for good. Call us today, and enjoy a mold free environment for your home or office.

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