Common Asbestos Myths

UE-AsbestosMyths-bThese days, almost all of us are aware of the dangers asbestos can pose, we realize the importance of having a specialist deal with any job which may involve disturbing or removing asbestos. However, the general public’s awareness has not always been as good, which has led to some peculiar myths about asbestos. Here are some of the most common:

1) New build properties are free from asbestos.

Don’t assume that because your house or office is a new build that you’re not at risk. A 2014 HSE survey showed that only 15% of people knew that asbestos was still used in buildings up until the year 2000. read more

Asbestosis and Other Remaining Major Asbestos Diseases


This is a continuation article on on asbestos-related disease listing, detailing some of the most debilitating and deathly asbestos-caused diseases.

Many thousands of scientific & medical publications have chronicled the understanding of the plethora of hazards of asbestos to human and other air-breathing, and even aquatic life. The development of today’s level of understanding began during the industrial revolution -most notably from the textile factories and mineral mines of Great Britain, Canada and the United States read more

The most harmful disease associated with Asbestos Exposure “Mesothelioma”

It is now generally known in modern times that airborne asbestos exposure is dangerous and harmful to a person’s health.

The 3 types of “asbestos-related lung disease” are: 1) scarring (“asbestosis”), 2) non-cancerous disease of the tissue of the lining of the surface of the lung (“pleural disease”), and lung cancer (of the lungs or their outer lining tissue [“mesothelioma”]).

In this first of a short series of articles, we will go into detail about the worst of the batch, that is “mesothelioma”. read more